A Westport biotechnology company is looking to redefine what it means to be cured of cancer, developing a treatment that essentially trains the immune system to recognize diseased cells and fight back any recurrence.  Intensity Therapeutics began clinical trials this year to test the safety of its treatment, an injection of a drug called INT230-6 directly into a tumor. In mice, the drug thoroughly attacked their tumors, spared healthy tissue — and causing no side effects — while also triggering the part of their immune systems that can adapt to new threats.  It works a bit like a vaccine, allowing the body time to fortify its defenses. If the drug is successful, it could eliminate a patients’ cancer and leave them immunized, so remission from that cancer would be permanent. “Even if you get into remission there’s always the fear it’ll come back,” says Lew Bender, president and CEO of Intensity Therapeutics. “My goal will always be to help patients and their families cope with disease. Help them overcome cancer, help them live longer, reduce side effects, reduce toxicity, taking away their fear.”

Source: Hartford Courant