DfuseRx Product Discovery Technology

Direct Tumor Injection with High Absorption

DfuseRxSM is our novel proprietary product discovery technology that enables drug compounds including cytotoxic agents to be injected directly into solid tumors with high absorption.  The technology makes use of novel dispersion and cell penetration enhancer molecules that we have identified.  

Our data published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences in 2020 show that our products disperse throughout the tumor and greatly increase intracellular concentrations of the potent drugs inside the cancer cells, whereas water-based products without our technology are not absorbed and are ejected from the tumor.  DfuseRx-based therapies effectively kill tumors, with the attenuated cancer cells then acting as antigenic sites to elicit an adaptive immune response specifically against the mutated cells.

Our products achieve this without the systemic toxicity associated with intravenous or oral drug administration.  Clinical and nonclinical data generated to-date indicate that there is the potential for a reduction of immune-related adverse events when our drugs are dosed concurrently with the leading immunotherapies.