We are pioneering a new approach to treat solid tumor cancers. Our Company’s treatment addresses both the regional and systemic aspects of cancer. The Company’s DfuseRxSM platform technology can rapidly identify a tissue dispersion and cell penetrating anti-cancer formulation for a given tumor type. Intensity’s technology approach creates a product with sufficient potency to destroy a patient’s primary tumors and train the immune system to hunt and kill metastases. Intensity’s products consist of proven, potent drug agents formulated with a specially-matched, cell-penetration enhancing and tumor tissue dispersing molecule. The objective of the approach is to thoroughly transport the drug throughout the tumor and greatly increase intracellular concentrations of the potent drugs inside the cancer cells. The tumors die with the attenuated cancer cells, then act as sites that elicit a strong adaptive immune response specifically against the mutated cells.

In vivo (mouse) data generated indicates that our patent pending products and methods (owned solely by Intensity Therapeutics) can effectively kill cancer cells, completely regress large tumors from baseline, greatly extend life and immunize the subjects against tumor recurrence. Our products achieve these efficacy benefits without the systemic toxicity associated with intravenous or oral drug administration. We developed the DfuseRxSM platform to identify effective formulations that consist of cell penetration enhancers matched with potent anti-cancer agents. Our technology can rapidly identify effective products to treat a given cancer type.

Patent protected. To protect our technology, we filed patent applications which were converted to PCT/non-PCT patent applications designating the U.S. and several foreign countries. Our first patent-related milestone occurred when the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued Intensity Therapeutics its first patent (number US 9,351,997) in May of 2016. Our second and broader U.S. patent 9,636,406 was issued in May of 2017. Additional U.S. patents are still in prosecution. Multiple foreign countries, including China, Japan, South Africa, Korea, Russia and Australia, have also issued Intensity a patent. Further, we are awaiting action by several patent offices around the world.

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