Intensity Therapeutics Issued First US Patent for Immune-based Cancer Therapeutic Agents

Intensity Therapeutics, Inc., a privately held biotechnology company developing proprietary cancer immunotherapy products, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued the Company US Patent 9,351,997.

“Intensity’s DfuseRxSM platform technology has identified our lead drug, INT230-6. This novel product has shown great promise in regressing tumors and extending life in murine models of severe metastatic cancer via a combination of tumor cell death and immune system activation. Animals with large tumors achieve a complete response and become immunized against re-inoculation of the same cancer,” said Intensity’s President and CEO, Lewis H Bender. “This issued US patent allows us to protect the market exclusivity of our unique and potent drug product. As we continue to prosecute additional patent applications in the US and countries around the world, the issuance of patent 9,351,997 increases our confidence that the Company’s unique cancer treatment technology can be secured.”

About INT230-6
INT230-6 is a novel, anti-cancer drug product able to disperse through tumors and diffuse into cancer cells. The product was identified from Intensity’s DfuseRxSM platform technology. Using preclinical in vivo models of severe cancer, INT230-6 treatment results in substantial improvement in overall survival compared to standard therapies. The product can completely clear large tumors in animal models. Complete responders have long-term, durable protection even after multiple re-inoculations of the cancer. INT230-6 administration has shown an increased recruitment of immune cells to the tumor micro-environment.