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ASCO 2018 Poster Presentation TPS2609

Phase 1/2 trial evaluating intratumoral administration of INT230-6 alone and in combination with an anti-PD1 antibody for advanced malignancies. TPS2609

AACR 2017 Poster

Tumor cell death caused by INT230-6 induces protective T cell immunity.

SITC 2016 Poster

Intratumoral injection of INT230-6 induces protective T cell immunity.

AACR 2016 Poster

A novel immunotherapy, INT230-6, is able to induce high rates of complete and durable response in mice through a cytotoxic T-cell-dependent mechanism

SITC 2015 Poster

Novel Drug, INT230-6 shows strong synergy with anti-PD-1 Antibodies and can induce high complete response rates with T-cell memory response in a colon cancer mouse model

AACR 2015 Poster

INT230-6, a Novel Intratumoral Anticancer Agent, is able to Eradicate Large Established Tumors and Stimulate Potent Antitumor Immunity