A Bold Perspective on Cancer

Treat locally; act globally. Our Company was founded in 2012 with the understanding that solid tumor cancers consist of well-defined visible growths and unseen micro-metastases. Cancer is thus both a regional and a systemic disease – each component has different physical properties. To have an effective treatment one must destroy (or remove) both the existing large observable tumors as well as all the unseen cell-based micrometastases (which can be anywhere in the body).

Our new approach treats both the macro and the micro aspects of the disease. When injected directly into tumors (dose locally) our products have high tumor dispersion and cell penetration properties. These injected compounds directly kill the tumor cells. The local cell death results in the creation of antigenic sites that stimulate the adaptive immune system (act globally). The immune response helps to destroy or regress the injected tumor and eliminates secondary tumors and micrometastases as well. Using our DfuseRxSM platform technology, we can create novel cell penetrating formulations of proven anti-cancer agents for a given cancer type. In mice, our products can completely regress (CR) large tumors and eliminate small metastases. Animals that had a CR became fully resistant to re-inoculation of the same cancer throughout their lives. In addition, as the drugs remain in the tumors and doses are low, systemic toxicities can be avoided.


In 2012 our founder recognized that the more fluid nature of cancer cell membranes versus healthy tissue could be exploited. In less than four and a half years that simple idea led to a company with a new drug in clinical trials under both a U.S. FDA Investigational New Drug (IND) and a Health Canada approved clinical trial application (CTA). The Company is private. We welcome discussions with parties interested in helping us achieve our mission either via investment or other forms of support.