Using Modern Imaging Technology

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With new, proprietary drug formulations

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To precisely treat late stage and metastatic cancer

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and to stimulate a natural, adaptive immune response.

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Intensity Therapeutics is creating a new, highly effective cancer treatment - in situ vaccination.

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About Intensity Therapeutics


The Company


Intensity Therapeutics is a clinical stage, biotechnology company whose mission is to greatly extend the lives of cancer patients.  Our lead product, INT230-6, is currently in human clinical testing to treat refractory solid tumor cancers.   


The Company was founded in 2012 with the understanding that late stage solid cancer consists of well-defined visible tumors and unseen micro-metastases.  Cancer is thus both a regional and a systemic disease – with different properties.  To have an effective treatment against cancer one must destroy both the existing large observable tumors as well as the unseen cell-based micrometastases.  Intensity Therapeutics was thus ofounded to develop a new approach to treat both the macro and the micro aspects of the disease.  Our DfuseRxSM platform creates novel formulations of proven anti-cancer agents.  The products have high diffusion and dispersion properties when injected directly into tumors.  Our products directly kill the injected tumors; this results in the creation of antigenic sites that stimulates an adaptive immune response.  The immune response helps to destroy or regress the injected tumor and eliminates secondary tumors and micrometastases as well.  The Company demonstrated complete regression (CR) of large tumors and small metastases in mice using the technology.  Animals that had a CR became fully resistant to re-inoculation of the same cancer throughout their lives.  


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Intensity Therapeutics, Inc.
61 Wilton Road, 3rd Floor
Westport, CT 06880

Tel. (203) 221-7377
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Who we are

Intensity Therapeutics is a clinical development stage company.  We are seeking partnerships/investors interested in advancing the company’s anti-cancer platform technology and lead product INT230-6.


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